Thursday, May 1, 2008

Marakesh Day 4

This was Sunday and the day we had to fly out, but we weren't leaving until 8:00 PM. But we had to check out by 12:00 :(

But they had arranged a room for us to stash out luggage in. I did that and then spent the day on the patio reading and chatting with people, and the occasional dip into the pool.

At 8:00 we piled onto the buses and headed to the airport, another 5 hour sardine simulation. and we where in Keflavik. So we ended up going from +43c to 4c with scattered snow flurry's.

These are some of the costumes that the hotel staff wore as a uniform. The first seemed to be the counter staff that ran the check in and such. The next is a guy that performed the tea poring if you wished, and the last is the guys that stood at most of the main doors and opened them when you got close.
And that was my trip, hope you enjoyed my retelling of it.

Oh Yea I said I would post a picture of Anna, this photo turned out amazing, I think it is the best portrait I have taken to date.

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jjdebenedictis said...

This trip report was great and very interesting! Thanks for posting it!