Sunday, December 2, 2007

Those Darn Sweeds!

Well yesterday I went to that landmark that is every were...

Yes I went to Ikea, you think the names of things are bad when browsing Ikea, try it when you can't read any of the sign age, or sub text of the products.

I got my self a bed side table and a lamp to read by, and a laundry drying rack.

In other new I have a Kennitala (aka SIN number) and now have a bank account, so that means I should have gotten paid yesterday :)

But on the other hand won't have a bank card until Thursday :(

This is Home #42 Freyjugata, share a floor with two room mates.

Freya is one of the norse gods, Gata is street so FreyJuGata is freya's street.

A couple blocks over is Odingata, can you guess which god that street is named for?

Well that is about all the news from Iceland, my computer and The quilt Karen made for me arrived. $500 for a 50 lbs box, sHeeehs... Got the quote from a moving company. To move 10 cubic meters from Edmonton to dock side in Iceland will be $5000. I Don't think i am going to ship much over, can't afford that kind of expense and I am in a furnished apartment.

The quilt has been very nice as it has been blowing something fierce here and the house is kinda drafty. I think there is one window that seals right. So Thank you again for the quilt Karen.

I have a mailing address, so email me if you need it.

Ta for now.

p.s. The photos where taken about 9:00 AM.

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Kathy said...

Isn't it spelled SWEDES?